Likely Causes Why Motorcycle Accidents Occur

Motorcyclists can experience freedom and exploration whenever they travel on the road. Unfortunately, some of these trips end with tragic accidents. There are many dangers motorcyclists are exposed to, each of which could result in grave injury or even death.

However, accidents involving motorcycles are much more likely to cause grave injuries and even fatalities than accidents that involve any other motor vehicle. Even for the most knowledgeable motorcyclists, the likelihood of injury following an accident is significant because of inadequate protection. Rear-end, head-on, and side collisions are the four most frequently occurring motorcycle accidents.

What causes motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycles are a common means of transportation for many people. However, they carry a significant amount of danger. What happens in a traffic crash involving a motorbike is likely to be devastating. Motorcycle drivers should take note of the main reasons for crashes so that they can avoid these.

1. Roadway Hazards

Uneven road surfaces, rusty construction cars, and gaping potholes are frequent sights on highways. Construction debris and tools are an ever-present sight on roads. Cars or trucks might not be particularly affected by these dangers. Cyclists are more likely to drift off, fall off their balance or even crash into something. If they collide with anything on the road, they may swiftly sustain fatal injuries.

The number of motorcycle accidents and fatalities that result from collisions between motorcyclists and stationary objects, such as light poles, guardrails, or traffic signs, is around 25 percent. The dangers of road accidents pose a more significant threat to motorcyclists because of their small dimensions and less stable.

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2. Speeding

A large number of automobile and motorcycle drivers operate at high speeds. Accidents caused by speeding can be fatal. Drivers’ ability to stop quickly or react to situations in front of their vehicles is reduced when they rush. Because they lack the protection provided by a car for passengers, motorcyclists have a much-increased risk of suffering severe injuries or perhaps losing their lives in the event of a collision at high speed. 

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3. Visibility

Motorcycles are harder to spot in traffic, as they’re smaller than cars and can blend into their surroundings or be blocked by other vehicles or objects. It’s nearly impossible to see where a motorcyclist might be or if they intend to get in your lane while constantly bouncing around.

Also, cars sometimes need to notice motorcycles turn left. If the bike is straight across the road, passes the vehicle, or attempts to speed up to catch the vehicle, the car will likely collide with the motorcycle during the turn.

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4. Distracted or Drunk Driving

A motorbike or car crash can quickly become fatal if the driver or rider is distracted or impaired. Cell phone texting eating, drinking, fiddling using the radio, GPS, and using telephones are only a handful of types of driving distracted. Distractions can be dangerous since they slow a driver’s reaction time to potential dangers.

DUI is illegal and can be fatally ill-advised, including death. The intoxicating effects of alcohol can cause drivers to make quick decisions and endanger themselves and their passengers.

5. Mechanical Failure

Motorcycles are complicated machines with various moving parts that must be maintained to protect the rider’s safety. A motorcycle can be fatally damaged or destroyed because of design flaws or manufacturing faults. A claim for product liability could be possible if a motorbike defect brings on an accident.

Accidents are bound to happen, regardless of the measure to ensure your vehicle is in good working order before taking it out on the roads. You deserve compensation for the injuries caused by the motorbike manufacturer and any other company involved within the distribution chain.

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